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The bespoke fit and fine detailing of a Pride swimsuit is not purely the reserve of those with a budget for something from our French Woven range. The same features and level of service extend to buyers of more conventional nylon knit (a.k.a. Lycra) swimsuits, that we make from the best available fabric of its kind.

Like other brands that put quality first, we use Vita, made by Carvico in Milan. This is a knitted fabric comprised of Lycra (a brand name for spandex) and a particular kind of nylon, called Econyl, made entirely from recycled plastic.

The difference between Pride and other brands using Vita, is we are geared up to make individual swimsuits to order, with self-lining, bust darts, 0.63mm thick rubber and every other hallmark of a luxury swimsuit. Anything less could make us the next wasters of plastic, either through overproduction or our customers throwing swimsuits away.