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"God is in the details," Mies van der Rohe liked to say. Turn a Pride Maillot in-side-out and you will see this is our dictum as well. Right through the front leg seams, the lining is stitched to concealed rubber within. You can't see it, but that rubber is 0.63mm thick—as long as you don't drown it in sunscreen, it's going to last! The lining, you will notice, is as thick as the fabric on the outside. Your swimsuit is going to be snug to squeeze into, but once on will afford greater strength of colour and incredible shape-control. It will also last longer and lay closer to your body, than a regular swimsuit.

Best of all, everything in this collection is available, and will remain so. We don't import and shift stock. We create it, especially for you, the moment you instruct us by placing an order.