Nursing Maillot, Black (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)


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Breast Feeding Swimsuit
minimalist swimsuit

Pregnancy, itself, is a short-lived concern. Breastfeeding is what continues. As for other changes to the body, post-childbirth, they can stay with a woman for life. 

We took these medium and long term concerns to a midwife, Sue Hall, who runs "Aquanatal" programs for pregnant and postpartum women, and asked her and her students to brainstorm and test some ideas. The result is a swimsuit cut to flatter a mother and hold her in shape with bust darts, heavy fabric and lining. The clasps on the chest are for ease of breastfeeding; it's a happy coincidence that they also enhance the neckline. 


"Maillot" simply means swimsuit in French. We use the word to make a distinction between the swimming costumes we make with low and square necklines, and those with V-necks or sports necks, etc.. Our "maillot neckline" is especially sophisticated, accentuating the bust and drawing the eye to the shoulders.

Leg Line

Our regular leg line strikes a balance between modesty and a desire to visually lengthen the leg with a leg seam approaching the hip. It is an inch higher than our full bottom cut, and an inch lower than our high leg line.  


  • Pride Logo clasps where shoulder straps meet the neck, to visually widen the shoulders and for ease of breastfeeding.
  • Self-lining as standard for unrivalled figure control and strength of colour.
  • Stitching across the chest and leg seams is concealed for a finessed finished, impervious to change over time.
  • To ensure the seams remain hidden, the lining to the front panel has been secured to the rubber across the full width of the neckline and through the leg seams to the crotch. This makes the crotch especially comfortable too!
  • Side darts have been added to allow for the bust and let the fabric do what it has been designed to do, with regards to support. 
  • The cut is just high enough on the hip to lengthen the leg in the eyes of the viewer, without drawing attention to the trick being played.


  • For fabric we use Vita from Carvico in Milan. It is 78% Recycled Nylon, a.k.a. "Econyl" and 22% Xtra Life Lycra. (See technical data from the Australian importer). 
  • All threads are UV and chlorine resistant polyester. 
  • For elasticity and endurance, 0.63mm thick treated latex has been used in the following widths: 6mm across the front leg seams; 8mm across the neck, back and buttocks and; 12mm through the adjustable straps.
  • All metal hardware is moulded exclusively for Pride. Electrostatic rack plating contains no heavy metals, for example cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel or lead.


    • Each piece hand cut and sewn in Newcastle East in Australia. 
    • Design and prototyping by Dr. Steven Fleming
      Breast Feeding Swimsuit
      minimalist swimsuit

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