Surf Foam Maillot (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)



Surf Foam Maillot  (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
Surf Foam Maillot  (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
Surf Foam Maillot  (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)

Depending on your colouring, this swimsuit may look translucent when wet.


"Maillot" simply means swimsuit in French. We use the word to differentiate the swimming costumes we make with low and square necklines, from those with V-necks or sports necks, etc.. Our "maillot neckline" is especially sophisticated, accentuating the bust and drawing the eye to the shoulders.

Leg Line

Our regular leg line strikes a balance between modesty and a desire to visually lengthen the leg with a leg seam approaching the hip. It is an inch higher than our full bottom cut, and an inch lower than our high leg line.  



  • Stitching across the chest and leg seams is concealed to create a minimalistic front panel.
  • To ensure the seams remain hidden, the lining to the front panel has been secured to the rubber across the full width of the neckline and through the leg seams to the crotch. This makes the crotch especially comfortable too!
  • Side darts have been added to allow for the bust and to provide a slight lift.
  • The cut is just high enough on the hip to lengthen the leg in the eyes of the viewer, without drawing attention to the trick being played.
  • O-rings and 8-sliders are rack plated and moulded for Pride to double as a decorative feature. 


  • For fabric we use Vita from Carvico in Milan. It is 78% Recycled Nylon and 22% Xtra Life Lycra. (See technical data from the Australian importer). 
  • All threads are UV and chlorine resistant polyester. 
  • For elasticity and endurance, 0.63mm thick treated latex has been used in the following widths: 6mm across the front leg seams; and 8mm across the neck, buttocks and back seams and through the adjustable straps.
  • All metal hardware is moulded exclusively for Pride. Electrostatic rack plating contains no heavy metals, for example cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel or lead.


    • Each piece hand cut and sewn in Newcastle East in Australia. 
    • Design and prototyping by Dr. Steven Fleming

      Our Best Selling Style!

      If you had to pare your wardrobe to only one swimsuit, this would be it. Our square neckline is flattering and timeless with an evening wear finish, while our regular bottom is narrow enough to be worn cheeky or modest for social and physical comfort. Combined with darts, double layers of our premium knit nylon will present your natural figure at its absolute best, holding you tight but not flattening your bust like most swimsuits. This is our best selling style. 

      Instructions for making

      Cut four whole pieces of premium fashion fabric, two for the lining and two for the back. 4-thread overlock lining and self of the front pieces across the wide neck and fix spaghetti straps with long bar tacks. Apply rubber to seam with 4-thread overlocker married to top-metering device, then zig-zag stitch lining to rubber. Now form two impeccable darts with a straight stitch. Overlock leg seams, apply rubber to them as per the neck seam, then fully stitch lining to rubber, right the way down to the crotch. Turn right-side-out and close side seams. You are ready now to start joining the assembled front panel to the lining and the self of the back. Overlock the lining to the self of the back panel to close the openings across the buttocks and back. Apply rubber, fold hems and secure with a twin needle hemming machine. Secure the ends of all seams with a bar tack then thread and bar tack spaghetti straps using custom 8-sliders and O-rings. Trim spare thread and rubber. Heat press all labels. Dust off any tailor's chalk, apply swing tag and pack.

      Match complete swimsuit to a woman who fits into it snuggly. It should be a tight squeeze to get in. Stand back now and watch as she enjoys being seen in a swimsuit that smooths and yet honours her curves. Feel like Michelangelo after freeing an angel from stone. 


        Surf Foam Maillot  (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
        Surf Foam Maillot  (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
        Surf Foam Maillot  (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)

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