Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)



Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)
Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)
Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)
Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)
Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)

Such a unique fabric, featuring a velvet and ribbed textured check pattern, can only be produced using stretch-woven milling technology.

From the same fabric, we can also make you a G-string.


The top features:

  • Choose "Bralette" for our regular, unlined version; it dries faster and has a more natural allure. Choose "Bralette with lining" to have yours made with sewn-in 2mm moulded neoprene cups. 
  • an adjustable under bust band offering plus-or-minus 4cm beyond the recommended size in each range—wear it loose as a bra or when sunbathing then cinch it up tight for high diving or swimming in surf.
  • a Pride logo clasp that closes with an audible snap, thanks to the addition of washers. 
  • bagged out seams for maximum comfort and to eliminate the ingress of sand.
  • fabric lining as thick as the fabric on the outside. 

    The bind waist (skimpy) bottoms feature:

    • a Pride logo clasp on each hip for the convenience of changing while wearing your trousers.
    • tiny washers in the clasps to ensure they snap shut.
    • fully secured lining throughout the seamless front panel, for comfort and to ensure the concealed seams remain hidden. 
    • self-lining, front and back, to even anatomical contours and prohibit the ingress of sand
    • added rubber tension in the rear seams to resist slippage, for example when surfing.
    • a cut that strikes a balance between decorum, tanning and feeling free in the sun and the water. 

    The high waisted briefs feature

    • Full bottom coverage 
    • Heavy lining for compression/figure control
    • bagged out seams with fully secured lining through the front leg and waist for comfort and a minimalist finish,
    • added rubber tension to the rear seams to resist slippage, for example when surfing.


    • Every strand of the stretch woven fabric has a core of elastane within a protective casing of strong nylon and polyester around it.
    • The lining is the same fabric, but black, and 143gsm to support the smart tailored look and provide unrivalled figure control.
    • Straps and bands are made from 190gsm Vita from Carvico in Milan. It is 78% Recycled Nylon and 22% Xtra Life Lycra. 
    • All threads are UV and chlorine resistant polyester. 
    • For elasticity and endurance, 0.63mm treated latex is ran through all straps and opening seams.
    • All metal hardware is moulded exclusively for Pride. Electrostatic rack plating contains no heavy metals, for example cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel or lead.



    • Each piece individually cut and sewn in Newcastle East in Australia. 
    • Design and prototyping by Steven Fleming
        Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)
        Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)
        Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)
        Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)
        Blue Velvet Check Bikini (Stretch-Woven)

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