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Photo Shoots
Newcastle Fashion Photography
Newcastle Fashion and Influencer Photography
Photo Shoots

No nonsense photography for Newcastle's boutiques, influencers and brands.

Doing all the photography for our own swim brand, on its own, makes us just about the busiest fashion photographers anywhere between Sydney and Brisbane. 

  • brands love that we know what they need. It is exactly what we need, for our fashion brand: no use restrictions; no overkill; no ego, and a little help finding non-agency models. 
  • influencers love that in a few hours, we can give them loads of diverse, eye-catching content. 
  • models love that we help them (scroll to the bottom to learn how). 

We use natural light and minimise flash, then employ advanced AI post-production. While dinosaurs of the industry can spend days setting up and retouching 5 photos, we're making 50 to 100, from all sorts of fun angles, and to the same professional standard. 


Buy this package and we guarantee a minumum of 50 photos, and as many as 150, depending on how the shoot flows. It includes two hours on location then post-production of all photos, with as many models and outfits as you can squeeze in. 

To Note:

  • We choose the best 50+ photos (don't worry, we'll ensure every combination of model, outfit and backdrop is captured).
  • We know to capture outfits back-on!
  • We promise 50. Circumstances permitting, we will deliver way more!
  • Photos are delivered as full resolution jpegs with 2:3 proportions - you can square crop them yourself, when posting to Instagram. 
  • While we are not a model agency, we're happy to help how we can by introducing you to independent models in your price range, like those you will see on @Prideswim or @Pride1.4 on Instagram. 
  • Photographer, Steven Peter Fleming, has Working With Children (WWC) clearance valid to 10/5/2026, reference number, WWC2307300E
  • Unless otherwise agreed in pre-shoot correspondence, perpetual use rights extend to all parties. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, put them to us, using this form, before committing to buy. 







Regardless of age, height, gender or body type, we would love to hear from you via @pride1.4 on Instagram. Tell us why we might recommend you, as an independent self-represented model, to clients of a regional fashion photography service. If we think your story and photos are a good match for our budget-conscious but respectable clients, we will be in touch regarding a test shoot. 

Photo Shoots
Newcastle Fashion Photography
Newcastle Fashion and Influencer Photography
Photo Shoots