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Half-Price Clearance.

In our efforts not to waste any fabric, by turning offcuts into bikinis, we have accumulated a surplus of our skimpier items.

The Deal

While on clearance, items will not be purchasable on a made-to-order basis, as usual, and available sizes will be limited to what little is remaining in stock. 

Our site works best if you add one item to your cart at a time, then scroll back to add the matching bottom or top.

Ignore the advertised prices. It is the 50% discounted prices that will appear in your cart. 

New bikinis and maillots will be added to the clearance each week, so check back, follow us on Instagram and subscribe for new offers. 

If a matching top or bottom is not available in your size, message to ask if we can make one, but know that it will be for full price.

Everything is handmade, with premium fabric to LAST.