Luxury One Piece

Our luxury pieces are made using STRETCH WOVEN fabric, the same fabric that transformed competitive swimming with its compression and muscle control. We double layer it, and add bust darts for lift. The result is a one-piece designed to boost a woman's confidence, without matronly ruching and bows.

The same quality tailoring carries over from our premium range. The difference with our luxury pieces, is the new generation fabric technology.



Stretch-woven fabric exerts much greater tension. Conventional, stretch-KNIT fabric, has to be stretched nearly all of the way, to straighten the elastane, before that elastane is put to real work. But the elastane fibres in stretch-woven fabric, are straight to begin with. They're working on your body, just by touching your skin. Yes, that means a stretch-woven swimsuit is hard to get into, but that effort will be forgotten when you see how you look! 


The elastane in stretch-woven fabric lasts longer. That is because the sheath of nylon surrounding each strand of elastane, protects it from any abrasion. 


Weaves don't have the depth of knit structures. They don't trap water, the way knitted fabrics all do. It is that water that makes knitted garments heavy when wet and slow to dry, two problems you beat with stretch-wovens. 


We work with a fabric mill in France that doesn't only make stretch-woven fabric for elite sports. They use the same kinds of looms that weave patterned and textured luxury fabric, but with 4-way, body-tensioning stretch. Textures, colours and patterns in our luxury pieces, are not printed on to plain fabric. Checks, ribs, seersuckers, metallics and velvet finishes, are all in the actual weave.


100% in-house Australian production.

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