Full Bottom Metalic Maillot, Orchid and Gold (Stretch Woven)


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Full Bottom Metalic Maillot, Orchid and Gold (Stretch Woven)
Full Bottom Metalic Maillot, Orchid and Gold (Stretch Woven)

It takes a light ray leaving the sun eight minutes and twenty seconds to arrive here, not knowing on the way if the swimsuit it finds will be in use, or in a cupboard. Please consider your role in the cosmos. 


"Maillot" simply means swimsuit in French. We use the word to differentiate the swimming costumes we make with low and square necklines, from those with V-necks or sports necks, etc.. Our "maillot neckline" is especially sophisticated, accentuating the bust and drawing the eye to the shoulders.

Leg Line

You're looking at maillots with full bottoms. The leg seam crosses the upper thigh in line with the fullest part of the bottom, then scoops down at the rear to cover the bottom completely. The front leg seam falls in the join of the abdomen and the thigh to neither roll or expose you.


  • Side darts have been added to allow for the bust and build compression in the flesh over your sternum, to ensure your bust is supported. 
  • To ensure the seams remain hidden, the lining to the front panel has been secured to the rubber across the full width of the neckline and through the leg seams to the crotch.
  • A fraction more tension has been put in the rubber crossing the buttocks than is normal with swimsuits sold off the rack. A Pride swimsuit is designed to look good on your body, not a clothes hanger.


    • Every fibre consists of an elastane core encased within nylon and polyester, so it can stretch in a weave. 
    • The lining is the same fabric, but black, and 143gsm to support the smart tailored look and provide unrivalled figure control. 
    • All threads are UV and chlorine resistant polyester.
    • For elasticity and endurance, 0.63mm thick treated latex has been used in the following widths: 6mm across the front leg seams; and 8mm across the neck, buttocks and back seams and through the adjustable straps.
    • Electrostatic rack plating contains no heavy metals, for example cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel or lead.


    • Each piece individually cut and sewn in Newcastle East in Australia. 
    • Design and prototyping by Steven Fleming

    Full Bottom Metalic Maillot, Orchid and Gold (Stretch Woven)
    Full Bottom Metalic Maillot, Orchid and Gold (Stretch Woven)

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