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Pure white swimsuit
minimalist swimsuit
Pure white swimsuit
minimalist swimsuit
Pure white swimsuit
minimalist swimsuit
1/ 2

Surf Foam Swimsuit, Full Bottom & Sports Neck (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)

A self-lined and fully tailored lap swimming one piece, that will serve you for many years.
Only 0 left
Volume Pricing
A$28000 each

This piece is made with the same white fabric for the lining as we use on the outside, so, depending on your colouring, it may look translucent when wet. Care instructions (for keeping it white!) can be found on our FAQs page. 



As the name suggests, our sports neck is designed for high diving, bodysurfing, bungie jumping, or anything that might force a top down. We make the straps wider so they are easier to adjust. Leave them loose when your preference is comfort. Cinch tight when you're ready for action. 

Leg Line

The front leg seams of our full bottom swimsuits, fall in the join of the abdomen and the thigh, where it will neither roll up or expose you. The back scoops down to cover your bottom, for decorum and protection when sitting.


Our's is not the only swim brand using "Vita" fabric from Carvico in Milan. The main reason brands don't, is to reduce cost! As well as being made using recycled plastic (ghost nets pulled from the ocean, for instance) it has proven itself to be more durable and figure controlling than other knit nylon/Lycra. It is the best you can buy before moving to ultra high-end stretch woven fabric from France


  • Combines a modest round leg line with a sports neck for the perfect balance of performance and style. 
  • The crotch width is generous in consideration of cycling and cartwheels. 
  • Side darts have been added to allow for the bust and so the fabric can do what it is designed to, with regards to support. 
  • To ensure the seams remain hidden, the lining to the front panel has been secured to the rubber across the full width of the neckline and through the leg seams to the crotch. That makes the crotch super comfortable too!


  • For fabric we use Vita from Carvico in Milan. It is 78% Recycled Nylon and 22% Xtra Life Lycra. (See technical data from the Australian importer). 
  • All threads are UV and chlorine resistant polyester. 
  • For elasticity and endurance, 0.63mm thick treated latex has been used in the following widths: 6mm across the front leg seams, 8mm across the neck, back and buttocks and 12mm through the adjustable straps.
  • All metal hardware is moulded exclusively for Pride. Electrostatic rack plating contains no heavy metals, for example cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel or lead.

Bespoke Fitting

Because it will be made to order, your purchase will qualify for Pride's bespoke fitting service. Simply provide us with your bust, waist, hip and trunk measurements (instructions here) using the "remarks" box you will see when placing your order. For no additional cost, we will ensure your swimsuit fits you precisely, for example by lengthening the trunk or adjusting the bust or hip size. We will let you know in advance if custom making will exclude "change of mind" as a reason for claiming an exchange or refund. 


  • Each piece individually cut and sewn in Newcastle East in Australia. 
  • Design and prototyping by Steven Fleming

The Swimsuit Itself

I asked The Swimsuit, "Swimsuit, how would you like to be made?"

"Cut me to cover my wearer's bottom," she requested.

"Okay. That's boring, but fine."

"And put me high on her chest," she said, "with thick rubber and straps so I don't come down when I'm dived in."

"Anything else?"

"The best available rubber and fabric. I would like the chance to grow old!"

"You deserve it," I told her and was planning to go when she added one thing:

"Give me the option of the same fabric as lining."

"Why? That's expensive!" I said.

"It's for shape control, strength of colour, and that certain indefinable something."

It was only after this conversation that I thought about The Swimsuit in metaphysical terms. It is a timeless idea, like The Circle, or Justice. The role of the geometer, law maker and artist is to make each manifest, without recourse to earlier efforts.

I walked away from my encounter with The Swimsuit Itself, wondering how a rational entity—A Platonic Form—could refer to an "indefinable something" as part of her argument to me. Surely it was her job, not mine, to articulate the basis of her own essence?

The questions raised in my mind occasioned a period of empirical study. I made single lined swimsuits, ones with thin lining, and swimsuits with equal weight linings but in colours I could purchase in bulk. All would have cut my cost of production. 

In the end I concluded that cost-saving with swimsuits is like sculpting from wood, when I would rather be sculpting from marble. 

— Steven Fleming, 2019, on the occasion of the Pride brand launch.