Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)


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Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)


A subtle V-neck, bagged out for an elegant, seamless appearance. 

Leg Line

We minimise gaping at the rear (a standard problem with boy-legs) by running tensioned rubber through the rear leg seam, then loosening the tension through the front leg for your comfort. Our boy-leg is slightly shorter than most, to do away with the need for any centre-back seam.  


  • The leg line flatters any figure and is utterly modest.
  • The elegant neckline is enhanced by the concealment of rubber, sandwiched between two equal weight layers of fabric.
  • It is fully self-lined for the ultimate in figure control.
  • Side darts have been added to allow for the bust and let the fabric do its thing with regards to support.
  • O-rings and 8-sliders are rack plated and moulded, exclusively for Pride, to double as a decorative feature. 


  • For the outer self fabric, as well as the lining, we use 190gsm Vita from Carvico in Milan. It is 78% Recycled Nylon, a.k.a. "Econyl" and 22% Xtra Life Lycra. (See technical data from the Australian importer). 
  • All threads are UV and chlorine resistant polyester. 
  • For elasticity and endurance, 0.63mm thick and 8mm wide treated latex has been used throughout, i.e., the straps, across the neck, around the legs and across the back seam.
  • All metal hardware is moulded exclusively for Pride. Electrostatic rack plating contains no heavy metals, for example cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel or lead.


    • Each piece hand cut and sewn in Newcastle East in Australia. 
    • Design and prototyping by Steven Fleming

    About This Cut

    Dolly Oakley of Wallsend, NSW, had 4 children and 10 grandchildren. One of those grandchildren now tailors luxury swimwear. 

    Ma didn't live to see this particular venture of mine, but would have bragged about it non-stop; she was indiscriminate in her praise for all our endeavours, no matter how grand or how trifling. 

    If she were alive, I know Ma would grin ear-to-ear at some of Pride's skimpier costumes. "That's what the young ones are wearing," she'd say. This style, Ma, with its modest leg line, and pretty V-neck, is in honour of you. Thanks for the love that you showed us!

    Ma with my mum and my aunty, when she was a "young one" herself.


        Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
        Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
        Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)
        Red Oxide Boy Leg / "Dolly" (Recycled Nylon/Lycra)

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