Signature Range

For the first three years of our opperation, we mainly produced swimsuits to customer order, one piece at a time. That was how we could eliminate waste, which was how we could offer superior fabric and uncompromised sewing, for less than comparable Australian made brands. 

We have grown to a size now, though, when we can do even better. With a select range of our most popular pieces, we can manufacture in small batches, and still be quite certain that everything we manufacture will sell.

You will note we have not chosen black. That is becasue, everywhere we look in Australia, we see iron oxidising to red. From the protective coatings on the ship hulls we see from our beaches, to the orange hued cliffs we look up at from waterholes, it is a reminder of something unique to this land. 

While pieces in our signature range do not qualify for our custom fitting service, you may still provide us with your measurements, as a comment at checkout, and we will assure you of a fabulous fit. 


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