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You have seen stretch-woven swimwear in the Olympics. It helps swimmers go faster by stopping their muscles from vibrating. In full body suits (like FINA has banned) people slide through the water like dolphins.

We are proud to have partnered with a mill in France, that has been exploiting the aesthetic potential of this fabric's remarkable fibers. Patterns, textures and colours and not printed on, but woven in. Front and back lining is made from heavy stretch-woven fabric as well, making boning and bra shelves redundant, even for those of us needing support. Drying time and abrasion resistance are also greatly improved.

The only problem with this fabric, is it costs a lot more to produce. We have taken that on as our burden, not yours, by only making these swimsuits one at a time, to customer order. With fabric this expensive, the first imperative must be to minimize waste.